MS Voice

Through out partnership with our Telco Wholesaler, We are able to offer crystal clear and affordable IDD calls to our clients, with saving of up to 80%. We bring the Business communications clearer and closer to you.
Ms-Voice offers A Unique, Comprehensive, Efficient and Money Savings Voice Solutions Ready to Serve Your Business
Our Services also offer the benefits of having an online phone books so that you have no worries of losing your contacts. All data on our server are backup regularly. Instant Call logs on our online portal ensure that you know your call charges after you hang up the phone. Offering a unique call out conference call for up to 8 party, you know you are in charge when it comes to communicating with your staff, or clients. As this is a call out conference, there is no need to fix a time with your conference party nor wait for all party to join in before starting the conference call. Another unique features of our solutions is our initiate call via SMS or Internet features, just send a SMS to our SMS gateway or use our click to phone software to initiate a call, convenience at your finger tips
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