Network Maintenance Contracts

Wiring You Up

For an affordable annual fee, we will protect your entire network against all threats, even those you never anticipate. You are better off concentrating on your core business; leave the technicalities to the professionals - Micro System Solutions Pte Ltd
Our contracts are flexible and comprehensive, covering virtually all hardware and software, connectivity like leased lines and ADSL.
This gives you a single point of contact and a one-stop support solution. 
We'll be there when you need help.

Network Solutions and Services

The backbone for almost any IT solution today is a robust high-availability network. That means your network, including every node on it, must be reliable, available, secure, scaleable and meet all your functional needs for Internet (intranet/extranet) connections, traffic levels and resource sharing. Micro System Solutions Pte Ltd considers all of these factors in any network solution we provide.
Micro System Solutions Pte Ltd has the expertise to provide simple or sophisticated network architectures. We build basic office LAN/Wireless LAN/WANs and complex networks to support e-business; we will design and build new networks, replace an obsolete network or selected components, or enhance an existing framework. Our services cover:
All major network platforms - Unix, Windows 95/98, Windows/NT, and Linux 
All the interoperability required for any combination of these platforms in a multi-vendor environment.
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