Offsite Backup

Data Kept 5000 Miles Away

Data is very important to any companies and often companies find it hard or almost impossible to carry on their business after suffering a data loss. In fact most took months just to rebuild their contact list and some never make it back to business after a data loss. offsite img
Take control of your data and have a remote off site backup services to store your important data at another site only accessible to you.
You cannot control when a fire will take place in your office
You cannot control when a Hard Disk will fail 
You cannot control when an unhappy employee will delete your data 
You cannot control when an employee will delete your data through negligence
But You can Control how you backup your data and where you backup your data to
Hardware failure, thief & unhappy employee sabotages, are a few scenario on top of natural disaster like fire, flood in the office, whereby locally housed backup copies of data are rendered un-useable. With our off site backup services, you can always be assured of at least a backup copies of your encrypted data with us.
Our servers runs on Raid and are backup so that you will always have a peace of mind knowing that if there is any need to recover your data, you always have a copy with us.
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